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If you searching for “IELTS Canada,” you are probably thinking about taking your test in Canada.

You can register for the test if you visit the IDP page at the link below.

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Many students will need to study English before taking their examinations.

The following sections of this page give you more help and advice.

IELTS Canada – Learn English in Canada

Want to Learn English? There are many high quality English language schools available.

If you want to learn English, Montreal is a great place to start. Other popular cities for English studies are Quebec, Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto.

There are many English schools in these cities where you can take English lessons to learn grammar, learn words, learn pronunciation and learn how to speak English.

For students whose first language is not English, lessons might be called “English foreign language”, “English second language”, “ESL English” or “learn English programs”.

You can attend English language lessons at International House.

International House is a well-regarded private educational company that offers English language classes around the globe.

International House – Vancouver

IELTS Canada – Language Schools in Canada

Your choice of English school is of course an important decision.

You can find course information about many good English language schools online by using the keywords “learn English schools”, “learn English” or “study English”.

You can study English with Inlingua, which has more than 300 language schools around the world and offers English language classes in several cities in this country.

Inlingua English language lessons include English speaking lessons, listening lessons, test preparation, grammar and business English lessons.

Global Village English Centres are another way to take English lessons in Canada. In other words, you can learn English abroad at Global Village’s English language schools.

They offer English as a second language (ESL) and English as a Foreign Language classes, learning and social activities, and homestay services in various Canadian locations, as well as in the USA, and Australia.

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