Register for the Exam in England

If you would like to take your examination in England or another area of the United Kingdom, please click on the link below for further information.

Register in the United Kingdom

Before you take the exam, you may also want to study English in England.

The following sections of this page give advice on how to improve your language skills in the UK.

Want to Learn English in England?

Do you want to improve your English Language skills before you take your test? If so, you may want to learn English in England, rather than your home country.

You may especially want to study in the United Kingdom if you want to learn how to speak British English.

If you want to learn British English in the UK, there are many different types of classes and other options available.

In order to study English, you can take English language courses at a private language school in Britain.

These schools are usually not associated with a college or university. In fact, most English language schools are private companies.

For example, International House is a well-known and respected private language school, which offers English language lessons in many cities around the United Kingdom.

International House – United Kingdom

Private language schools are an especially good option for you if you are at a lower level of English.

The British Council offers an official list of approved English language schools in the United Kingdom.

These approved English language schools are called accredited centres.

British Council’s List of Accredited Language Schools

Colleges and Universities in England

You can also study English at colleges and universities throughout the UK.

Information on English Universities

If you are going to study English in an educational institution like this, the focus will be on academic English.

Colleges and universities in the UK offer English language courses that help prepare students for academic life.

They teach subjects like how to take notes at lectures and how to prepare academic assignments.

Are there other ways to improve my English?

In addition, you could learn English by employing a private tutor. One-to-one lessons improve your language skills dramatically.

Newspapers and even the underground provide advertisements with the names, phone numbers and fees of private English language tutors.

You may also be interested in books or course to help you study for your test.

List of IELTS Books

Information on Courses in London