Exercise 1

Exercise 1: Verb Tense

Exercise 1 teaches you how to use the tenses in the English language.

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Here are the basic active verb tenses:

Present Simple – Active Voice: I walk.

Past Simple – Active Voice: I walked.

Future – Active Voice: I will walk.

Present Perfect – Active Voice: I have walked.

Past Perfect – Active Voice: I had walked.

Future Perfect – Active Voice: I will have walked.

If you are studying English, you already know that there are many other verb forms and tenses, such as the continuous form and the passive voice.

We will look at the other verb forms in our other exercises on this website.

Exercise 1

Instructions: Study the basic verb forms provided above.

Then attempt the exercise that follows.

You will notice that we have included both regular and irregular verbs in this exercise.

The answers are provided at the end of the page.

(1) We __________ (meet) at the entrance of the mall before going shopping yesterday.

(2) I __________ (try) to finish the project by the end of the week.

(3) At the end of this month, we __________ (finish) the job.

(4) When my Grandpa was alive, he always __________ (tell) the most interesting stories.

(5) We __________ (just arrive) when she announced that she was getting engaged.

(6) He __________ (buy) a boat last week for $3000.

(7) I __________ (pass) the exam next week if I study hard.

(8) Mary __________ (run) 3 miles every afternoon in order to keep fit.

(9) I __________ (never eat) such a delicious meal in all my life!

(10) Her parents __________ (disapprove) of her decision, but she did it anyway.


(1) met

(2) will try

(3) will have finished

(4) told

(5) had just arrived

(6) bought

(7) will pass

(8) runs

(9) have never eaten

(10) disapproved

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