Exercise 8

Exercise 8 – More Useful Phrases

Grammar Exercise 8 shows you how to use other phrases to give advice in conversational English.

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In addition to the phrases we have seen in exercise 7, the following phrases can also be used to give advice:

“it’s high time”

“it’s time”

“it’s about time”

Note that these phrases are used in in colloquial English. They are very seldom used in formal academic writing.

Example: It’s time you told your parents that you failed your exams.

In the preceding sentence, the main verb is “tell”.

The verb form needs to be the past simple tense (told).

Exercise 8

Complete the exercise below by placing one of the words provided in the sentences that follow.

You will have to change the tense of the verbs in order to arrive at the correct answers.

finish / start / eat / pay / speak / stop / realise / be / get / go

(1) It’s about time you __________ less. You are getting fat!

(2) It’s high time you __________ more respectful to your parents.

(3) It’s high time we __________ back to our house.

(4) It’s about time you __________ to exercise.

(5) It’s time you __________ to your mother about your boyfriend.

(6) It’s high time you __________ more exercise.

(7) It’s time you __________ a visit to the dentist.

(8) It’s about time we __________ that we won’t be able to finish the job by the deadline.

(9) It’s about time you __________ getting so angry about small things.

(10) It’s time you __________ writing your thesis.


(1) ate

(2) were

(3) went

(4) started

(5) spoke

(6) got

(7) paid

(8) realised

(9) stopped

(10) finished

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