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Want to get a free exam? Each of our 3 Practice Tests can be purchased individually for $10 US dollars each.

When you buy all three downloads, you get three tests for the price of two. So, you get a free exam download when you buy all of the downloads.

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So you can buy all three practice tests together for $20, in order to save $10.

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If you want free practice exams, please click on the following links in this section.

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Information on the Downloads

Our team of experienced teachers have written practice tests for the Academic Test.

Our practice tests inexpensive and easy to use.

Our tests are in digital download (PDF) format, and you can buy each test individually.

You will be able to download your practice tests immediately after your payment details have been entered into the shopping cart.

Our Practice Tests include:

– Academic practice question papers, with listening, reading, writing and speaking sections

– mp3 files containing the recordings for all the listening tests

– Texts for the Listening Tests

– Full-length speaking test papers

– Example essay questions for task 1 (data analysis) and task 2 (discursive essay)

– Writing answers for both tasks, including teacher’s comments with highlighted words and phrases

Each practice test is in the exact same format as the real examination.