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Studying for the IELTS exam is so important. Students are usually short of money, so it's normal to look for the best free material on IELTS available.

But be careful, not all information on the internet is created equal. Some websites are better than others, as you well know.

Also, if you are at a lower level of English language skill, it might be better to take an IELTS course or to employ a private tutor.

Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with using the best information available on the internet, including free IELTS material.

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Free IELTS Material - Grammar Exercises

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Exercise 1 is a review of verb tenses. It explains when to use each one.

IELTS Grammar Exercise 1

Exercises 2 to 4 help you revise regular and irregular verb forms.

IELTS Grammar Exercise 2

IELTS Grammar Exercise 3

IELTS Grammar Exercise 4

Exercise 5 helps you understand the difference between transitive and intransitive verbs.

IELTS Grammar Exercise 5

Exercise 6 help you improve the subject-verb agreement in your sentences, in order to write more advanced complex sentences.

IELTS Grammar Exercise 6

Exercises 7 and 8 show you how to use the subjunctive form when giving advice in English.

IELTS Grammar Exercise 7

IELTS Grammar Exercise 8

Exercise 9 reviews the passive verbs forms and gives you some sentence transformation exercises.

IELTS Grammar Exercise 9

Exercise 10 covers demonstrative pronouns and tells you when to use each form.

IELTS Grammar Exercise 10