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Grammar on the Exam

The International English Language Testing System does not have a separate section on the exam for grammar.

However, you will need to have excellent grammar in order to get a high mark on the test.

In the reading section, you will need to be sure that your answers in gap-fill exercises are grammatically correct.

On the speaking test, you should be sure to use a variety of grammatical structures when discussing tasks with your partner.

Of course, grammar is very important for the writing test.

You will need to be able to write complex sentence structures in a grammatically correct way in your essay tasks.

Aspects of Grammar on the Test

You should have a good grasp of the following skills for your exam:

  • verb tense and form
  • the difference between regular and irregular verbs
  • understand the difference between transitive and intransitive verb forms
  • know how to use the transitive and intransitive verb forms
  • demonstrative pronouns

You should also know these aspects of advanced grammar:

  • the subjunctive form (“If I were you . . .”)
  • using idiomatic phrases to give advice
  • knowing when to use the passive voice

Active Verb Tenses

You should first review the basic active verb tenses:

Present Simple – Active Voice: I work.

Past Simple – Active Voice: I worked.

Future – Active Voice: I will work.

Present Perfect – Active Voice: I have worked.

Past Perfect – Active Voice: I had worked.

Future Perfect – Active Voice: I will have worked.

Passive Verb Tenses

Now have a look at the verb tenses for the passive voice:

Present Simple – Passive Voice: It is sent.

Past Simple – Passive Voice: It was sent.

Future – Passive Voice: It will be sent.

Present Perfect – Passive Voice: It has been sent.

Past Perfect – Passive Voice: It had been sent.

Future Perfect – Passive Voice: It will have been sent.