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Our practice test download includes three complete IELTS practice tests, with listening, reading, writing, and speaking sections, just like the actual exam.

Free practice reading test

Free practice listening test

Free task 1 and task 2 essays

Speaking test tips and examples

How to download the practice tests

Please read the sections that follow for information on what is included in our practice test download.

Practice Tests – Reading

Practice reading test 1:

Passage 1 is on the topic of Sir Isaac Newton and the laws of physics, with 13 questions on the passage.

Passage 2 is about socio-economic status and economic inequality. It has 15 questions.

Passage 3 is on the global impact of the tourism industry. It has 12 questions.

Practice reading test 2:

Passage 1 is about tornadoes and severe weather phenomena, with 14 questions.

Passage 2 is about child psychology and development, which is followed by 13 questions and a chart for you to complete.

Passage 3 is about archaeology. It is followed by a gap-fill with 13 gaps that you have to fill in.

Practice reading test 3:

Passage 1 covers a certain aspect of American history. It is followed by 12 questions.

Passage 2 is about the phenomenon of sickly children, with a gap-fill containing 14 questions.

Passage 3 is about population increases and migration. It has 14 questions, including a table in which you must match section headings with each section of the reading passage.

Practice Tests – Listening

Practice listening test 1:

Section 1 contains a dialogue between a student and professor about the student’s absence.

Section 2 has another conversation about a student’s problem with accommodation, with a form for you to complete as you listen to the mp3.

Section 3 has a lecture on brain chemistry, with a chart for you to fill in according to the information from the mp3.

Section 4 has a talk about the construction of the HSBC building.

Practice listening test 2:

Section 1 has a conversation between a student and a university administrator about making an appointment.

Section 2 has a lecture about music history, with a table for you to fill in as you listen.

Section 3 has a class discussion on teenage smoking.

Section 4 has a lecture on genetic engineering, with a note template that you need to complete.

Practice listening test 3:

Section 1 has a conversation between a student and an IT administrator about the student’s lost password.

Section 2 has a lecture on nutrition, with a chart for you to complete.

Section 3 has a class discussion on educational readiness.

Section 4 has a lecture about the exploration of Antarctica, with a table for you to fill in.

IELTS Practice Tests – Writing

Practice writing test 1:

Task 1 shows a chart about vehicle usage in the UK.

Task 2 has a question about the Internet.

Practice writing test 2:

Task 1 shows a bar graph about the gender division in UK universities.

Task 2 asks your opinion on a certain aspect of advertising.

Practice writing test 3:

Task 1 shows a line graph about infant mortality.

Task 2 asks you something about television.

In our download, there are sample essays with examiners comments for all of the above IELTS writing test questions.

IELTS Practice Tests – Speaking

Speaking practice test 1 has detailed discussions about role models in society.

Speaking practice test 2 covers the topic of national festivals.

Speaking practice test 3 is about housing and society.