If you are looking for exam registration, you may not be sure about where you want to take your test.

Registration for the IELTS Examination

The link below lets you search for testing centres around the world.

You will see that there are currently more than 120 testing centres available.

Search for testing centres

Some of the popular testing centres will get full because of the high number of students registering.

You should also check that your preferred testing centre has a space available for you to take the test.

Check that a place is available

Which centre should I choose?

For more information on when and where to take your examination, click on the link below.

You will see a video that discusses your testing options.

When and where should I take the test?

Which test do I need?

You need to be sure which version of the test you are taking first of all.

You need to know whether your registration is for the Academic Module or the General Training Module.

You can find out more information on the different versions of the test by visiting the following page.

Information on Registering for Academic or General Training

What are the most popular registration centres?

If you already know that you want to take the test in the United Kingdom, Australia or Canada.

You can visit our pages for these countries:

Register in England

Register in Australia

Register in Canada

Registration is also very popular in various cities in the United States.

United States of America

The exam is currently accepted by more than 3,000 universities and other educational institutions as evidence of your English language skills.

Testing is available in 48 different locations in the United States.

Register in the United States

Registration is also very popular in cities in Hong Kong, as well as in Tehran and Singapore.

Hong Kong, Tehran and Singapore

Register in Hong Kong

Register in Singapore

Register in Tehran