Testing in Singapore

You can study for the test at the British Council in Singapore.

British Council Singapore Information:

The British Council webpage also tells you how to register for the test in this city.

Register for the Exam through the British Council

You can also get information on preparation courses, as well as testing dates and locations, from the official British Council website above.

IDP in Singapore

The IDP site is perhaps the best one for information on the examination in this city.

Exam Information from IDP

The IDP website has a chart of test dates, which clearly shows the dates that are available and the dates that are sold out.

There is a link on the IDP website that permits you to preview your test results once you have taken the examination.

Results will be available through the IDP website approximately two weeks after you have taken your test.

There is a special section on the IDP site to help students with services such as applying for visas and giving advice for getting admitted to university.

If you are intending to study in Australia, the IDP website tells you how to apply to study in Australia and informs you what you should do when you start your studies in Australia.

There is a section explaining what IELTS scores you need to study in Australia and a further section that compares your scores to TOEFL scores for Australian universities.

Perhaps most important, the IDP website has a list of the top universities in Australia.

Your choice of university is so important. Therefore, you should have a look at the list of top universities before you even consider where to apply for a place to study.

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If you prefer, you can visit the official exam Singapore Facebook page.

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