Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation Information

Welcome to the Student Accommodation Page.

Student accommodation is a concern for everyone, whether you are studying for your exam or another course in England, Australia, Canada or elsewhere around the world.

There are many different types of accommodation available.

Halls of Residence

Many students choose to live on campus in residence halls. These halls of residence may consist of a suite of rooms that is shared with other students.

However, some universities offer single rooms with their own private bathrooms. Of course, these are more expensive.

Consider the Pro’s and Con’s

One drawback to renting accommodation in the university’s halls of residence might be the noise.

It’s normal for students to want to let off steam at the end of a busy day, so you may find that it’s easier to study in the library, instead of trying to study in your own room.

Renting a Flat

You can also rent privately. Many students sign a lease for a flat share. Sharing a flat with other students certainly has its advantages.

It is a great way to have a ready-made group of friends and gives you a nice social circle. And depending on the area, it is generally a little bit cheaper than the university’s student accommodation.

If you have a family, though, you will probably want to rent a house or a flat through a private real estate agent.


Finally, many universities have a home stay programme. With this scheme, you pay the university a fee to live with a local family.

The university keeps a portion of your rent as a commission and passes the remainder to the family. You will normally be part of the family’s daily life.

You will eat meals with them and may be invited on days out with them. This can be a great experience and a fantastic way to improve your English language skills.