Tehran Registration

You can register to take your examination on the official Tehran website.

The direct link to the registration page of the website is:

Register to take the IELTS at the Tehran Centre

The online registration function is open once or twice each month for a ten-day or two-week time period.

You need to check the registration page provided above periodically for further information.

The official site encourages you not to use third party organisations to help you register for the test.

Tehran Test Centre Information

The testing centre in Tehran, Iran is an award-winning testing centre.

The Tehran testing centre has been in operation for more than 20 years.

You can visit the official website by visiting the link below.


The official website has information on the format of the test.

It also provides a timetable which shows forthcoming testing dates and times for both the Academic and the General Tests.

Remember that you will have a separate speaking exam for the IELTS examination.

The official webpage above also gives you speaking test advice, tells you how to access your speaking test appointment, and provides details on what you should bring with you on the day of your actual speaking test.

Tehran – Official Forms

The website also has information about test report forms, which are valid for a two-year period after you take your examination.

Students can download official forms and bulletins on the above site.

You can download the application form if you are going to take the exam soon.

You can get an additional test report form (TRF) if you need to send your scores to a new institution.

There are also two additional PDFs for students entitled, “Information Candidates” and “Notice to Candidates”.

Finally, the official site also has links to official sites of the co-owners of the examination.

So, you can visit the IDP, Cambridge English Language Assessment, and British Council websites from the Tehran site.

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