UK Visas

UK Visas – Information

Here are some helpful websites with information about UK visas.

The first website gives information and advice about what to do if you want to travel to England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland to study.

UK Student Visas – Information

The above website is written in an easy-to-read question and answer format. It explains the immigration rules for the INF 5 student visa. The website also provides information for your sponsor.

Remember to follow the rules with regard to your UK student visa. Students working more than the maximum number of hours per week during their studies or students who work illegally after finishing their degrees face severe punishments.

Student Visas for England

You should know how to get student visas for England if you are going to attend a course at a college or university in England.

First of all, in order to apply for a student visa, you need to follow the application rules and regulations.

Don’t try to make any shortcuts. In the case of the student visa, it is always better to be completely legal.

Applying for Your Student Visa

When applying for a student visa, you must demonstrate that you have been accepted onto a course approved by the DfES.

The DfES is the UK’s Department for Education and Skills Register of Education and Training Providers.

To get a foreign student visa, you must also be able to provide evidence that you can support yourself and your family financially throughout your course of study.

The international student visa will be placed in your passport by the British consulate in your country prior to your entry into the United Kingdom.

The governmental agency responsible for overseeing other types of UK visas besides student visas for England is the Home Office, Immigration and Nationality Directorate.

Of course, the student visa application process is faster in some countries than others.

For instance, the China student visa application process is known to be a lengthy one.

If your Chinese student visa or other international student visa is rejected, you may be entitled to a student visa appeal.

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UK Visas for Work

The following websites give more information about UK visas in order for one of your family members to work during your studies.

This website provides information and advice about the educational system in the UK. It is published by the United Kingdom Department of Education, the official UK educational authority.

UK Department of Education

This comprehensive site provides details about the work permit application process.

The page is sponsored by the UK Home Office. It also gives details about the prevention of illegal working.

Information on Work Visas

Remember: It is important to do your research on the visa application process carefully. If you follow the rules, you should have no trouble.