Testing Centers in the USA

Thousands of colleges and universities in the USA accept scores from the International English Language Testing System as evidence of English language ability.

You can register to take the examination in the USA online.

A link for the official USA registration page is provided below.

Register to take the test

You can visit the recognition list on the official USA site.

The recognition list shows which colleges and universities in the United States accept exam scores for admission to degree programmes.

You can find out the requirements for on-site testing, as well as check to see whether or not there is a place available for a particular testing date at a particular testing centre.

The IDP Education, co-owners and co-founders of the test, also has an official IDP USA website:

Register on the IDP website

Finally, you can also visit the Facebook page for the exam via the official site at the link indicated above.

Testing Centers

The testing centers in the US are normally in ELS English Language Schools or in local colleges and universities.

There are currently testing centers in the following states and cities in the USA:

Alabama: Montgomery

Arkansas: Fayetteville

Arizona: Phoenix, Tuscon

California: Fresno, Hayward, La Verne, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, La Jolla

Colorado: Denver (known as the Denver center)

Connecticut: West Haven

Florida: Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Melbourne, Miami, Tampa

Georgia: Atlanta

Hawaii: Honolulu

Idaho: Boise

Illinois: De Kalb, Chicago

Indiana: Indianapolis

Massachusetts: Boston

Michigan: Grand Rapids

Minnesota: St. Paul

Missouri: St. Louis

Mississippi: Jackson

North Carolina: Charlotte

New Hampshire: Plymouth

New Jersey: Newark

Nevada: Las Vegas

New York: New York

Ohio: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus

Oklahoma: Oklahoma City

Oregon: Portland

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh

South Carolina: Clemson

Tennessee: Nashville

Texas: Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio

Utah: Salt Lake City

Virginia: Blacksburg

Washington: Seattle

Wisconsin: Madison

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